Toy Sale at Wards

Toy Sale at Wards

This wonderful piece from December 1977 arrived this week and while I plan to show case the whole thing in loving detail next Christmas, it’s just to good not to share at least a little bit right now. Above is the Mattel Space:1999 Eagle which I think is on my 2014 wish list.

I think Cher’s tenure at Mego burned brightly but not for a long time, she’s already a good deal in 1977.

This ad for Madison Industries Shadow Toys is the first I’ve ever seen.

Mego’s Starsky and Hutch were a hot license at the time but Wards wasn’t offering a special on Captain Dobey? Who was going to yell at them?

We got lots of cops in 1977, here are LJN’s Rookies and S.W.A.T on sale. One year later it’d all be about droids.

Barbie was the absolute queen of the fashion dolls in ’77, many tried to take her crown but she bested the Chers and Dustys of the world.

Ideal’s Jaws Game is one of the most iconic game concepts of the 1970s.

Welcome back Kotter pinball, I still kinda want one of these….

The Shadow Merchandise Gallery

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