Super Hero Skates

Larami did these SuperHero skates for years and as weird as they are, they must have sold. Like every toyline from the mid seventies, the Hulk was very quickly added to the mix once his TV show aired. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid […]

Super Frame!

I found this little oddity in a local flea market, produced in 1978 by a Canadian company called “Friendly Photos” it features a rare appearance by Green Lantern. Even if he is blonde with large red gautlets, it’s nice to see ol’ Hal. The biggest mystery about this piece is why I haven’t slapped a […]

Starlog stores in Japan

(click on any photo for an enlargement) Like a lot of 70s kids, I cut my nerdy teeth on Starlog magazine. It was basically my window into a world of wonder that wasn’t available where I grew up. As a struggling student in the 90s, I used to visit the Starlog store in New Jersey […]

Jointed Avengers

My pal Corey had these in his collection, a series of Spanish walll hanging heroes that remind me greatly of the Our Way Studios stuff from the mid 70s. While the Hulk is nice, I especially dig the Thor. If anybody knows how many characters were made or owns others, I’d love to see them, […]

1986 Marchon Action Heroes Catalog

The Action Heroes by Marchon was a charming line of Superhero Knockoffs that were meant to fit in with popular 80s toy lines such as Super Powers or Secret Wars. While a bit out of my age range, I remember them well and even bought a few to customize into other Super characters. Check out […]

1981 Ben Cooper Costume Catalog

Halloween around here wouldn’t be the same without the store bought goodness that is Ben Cooper. If you were a child of the 70s or 80s, then you certainly knew their product. Cooper held some of the great licenses in 1981 including the Disney characters, both the DC and Marvel comics Superheroes, Clash of the […]

Super Sharp

This past weekend while I set up at Canadian Toycon, my son made a comment about what he hoped to find and how I’ll probably go home with nothing, as usual. This is usually the case, as I’m pretty much into oddball things while he loves that unsold Star Wars prequel merchandise, toy shows are pretty much […]

Batman with Robin: live and in person!

One of my favourites from my burgeoning collection of such things. Do you think if I write my address and tomorrow’s date on this in magic marker, that they’ll show up and spend the day with me? Send me your mall appearance photos!