1986 Marchon Action Heroes Catalog

1986 Marchon Action Heroes Catalog

The Action Heroes by Marchon was a charming line of Superhero Knockoffs that were meant to fit in with popular 80s toy lines such as Super Powers or Secret Wars.

While a bit out of my age range, I remember them well and even bought a few to customize into other Super characters.

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  • Finn McCool on January 30, 2024

    The shame of these Action Heroes toys is that if the company had just put in a little more effort, the figures would have been pretty cool. They already had the cheaper Secret Wars-style bodies and the Kenner-inspired capes, if they’d shied away from the bizarre triangular patterns and just painted recognizable iconography on the heroes’ chests (things like exclamation points, question marks, lightning bolts, targets, etc.) these would have made some good generic Heroes.

    I have their transport vehicle and it’s awesome. It puts most of the Secret Wars vehicles, and a good deal of the Super Powers vehicles to shame. Way cooler than a Justice Jogger.

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