Scenes from Toyfair 1976

If there is a toy company that I would like to have a catalog from, it’d be Shindana, they made some neat-o toys in the mid seventies and their president had the world’s greatest sideburns. A shot of the 1976 Azrak Hamway booth shows the two different sizes of Mr. Spock Bop Bags. It’s funny […]

JJ and OJ

Two celebrity dolls, two very different professions. The guy on the bottom is J.J Armes by Ideal, a real life detective who lost his hands as a child and uses prosthetics. I saw the commercial for this as a kid but for a long time thought I dreamt it. The other doll by Shindana had […]

Kid Dino-Mite!

I need this toy and I need it now, I watched Good Times religiously. This would be just the thing to annoy the hell out of my wife on long car rides.

You Gotta Wash Yer Ass, Kid

I love Redd Foxx but I kind of think it weird that a toy company (my guess would be Shindana) thought that the nightclub comic and TV Superstar would make the perfect Teddy Bear.Maybe his TV Character Fred Sanford but Foxx himself worked pretty blue, bless his heart. One of his sayings, “Wash your face […]