Mattel 1976 Superstar Christmas Fun Book

These great little colour digests were likely distributed in newspapers and at retail locations, hoping to load children’s Christmas wishlists with Mattel products. It’s a great smattering of hot toys of the day from the classic Barbie and Hot Wheels to 70’s phenoms Pulsar and the Sweathogs, this booklet is a nice cruise down memory […]

The Ultimate 70’s Action Figure Tribute

ACTION FIGURES, CLASSIC 70’S by ~dusty-abell on deviantARTI got sent a link to this amazing piece by Dusty Abell last night and just had to showcase it today. This is pretty much how things looked in my six year old mind, I’m truly floored and need to get a copy of this somehow for my […]

Pulsar’s Crib

I’ve already mentioned on several occasions how i think Pulsar is the grossest superhero this side of Slim Goodbody but I’m even more perplexed at his headquarters.While it sounds truly exciting to monitor his life signs, why the hell does he need an X Ray? What can’t you already see?