Pulsar’s Crib

Pulsar’s Crib

I’ve already mentioned on several occasions how i think Pulsar is the grossest superhero this side of Slim Goodbody but I’m even more perplexed at his headquarters.While it sounds truly exciting to monitor his life signs, why the hell does he need an X Ray? What can’t you already see?

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  • Swinebread on April 5, 2007

    rolls dice…
    fails sanity roll…
    sanity loss… 2D10
    rolls 2d10…
    rolls a 15… ouch…
    I’m gone…

  • HardyGirl on April 20, 2007

    OMG! I just picked this up at a toy show a few weeks ago. It’s missing some of the hoses, and I need to test out the x-ray feature, but I think it’s a good companion piece/figure to the Six Million Dollar Man.

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