5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week Ideal Monster Squad prototype figures (eBay link)– What can I say? These are my grails and I’ve always wanted to own them but I have kids in college and need a new roof so have at them! We covered these wonderful little buggers in Issue 2 of Toy-Ventures […]

Toy-Ventures Issue 2 Announcement and Pre-Orders

PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures Issue 2 is now available for pre-order. Issue two covers a number of genres and has some exciting new voices from the hobby. H.R. Puppet Stuff! By Kroffty This colourful piece tracks the careers of the legendary Sid and Marty Krofft through puppet merchandise, it will make you smile. The Lost Outer […]

Toy-Ventures Issue 2 featuring Monster Squad merchandise

Excited to announce that Issue 2 of Toy-Ventures magazine will have a guide to merchandise based on the Saturday morning series “Monster Squad” including never before seen prototypes and pre-production items.   For more Updates on Issue 2, follow our shiny new Toy-Ventures Facebook page!   You Can Purchase Toy-Ventures issue one at […]

Toy-Ventures: My Mego Meet Haul

I’ve just returned from my favourite toy convention of all time, Mego Meet and please excuse the sleepy voice but I haven’t had much sleep! Thought it would be fun to go over the various items I picked up at this weekend’s festivities, stuff from Planet of the apes, the Monster Squad, Stretch Armstrong, Godzilla, […]

Toy-Ventures 2: Chained Monsters or Monster Squad?

This week’s episode examines the curious toy line “Chained Monsters” by Carlin Playthings that looks suspiciously like the characters from the 1976 TV series “The Monster Squad”. You can see more Monster Squad merchandise at the PlaidStallions Gallery of Monster Squad Toys: Visit us online at Twitter: @plaidstallions

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Monster Squad Frankenstein– Admittadly, i prefer the TV series “The Monster Squad” over the 1980s movie but everytime I do a search I do run into these custom Mego-esque figures done by the amazing Distinctive Dummies and they give me pause. Cliffhangers TV Week Cover– Remember the TV series “Cliffhangers” featuring three stories that were […]

Monster Squad Dracula Costumes

No better time than Halloween than to discuss costumes and my love of the 1976 Monster Squad Television series. Collegeville had the license to the series and while they didn’t make a Frank Costume, they sure went to town with Dracula. Below are all the variations I’ve found thus far of his store bought costumes. […]

The Top Ten cancelled toys of the 70s/80s

As much as I enjoyed my childhood, it sometimes pains me to think of the stuff we didn’t get, for whatever boring grown up decision. Sure, some of these licensed wouldn’t have sold and could have forced the companies into risky financial positions but baby Brian wants his toys dammit! Here are the top ten […]

Monster Squad Gallery Updates

It’s that time of year again, where I show off my neat o discoveries from the hobby of collecting memoribilia from the one season Saturday Morning show “Monster Squad“, not to be confused with the 80s movie. It’s been a big year for Squad stuff. More after the jump: Thanks to a great trade at […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Monster Squad

‘“Monster Squad” by Rand McNally As we close our month of Halloween goodness, I thought of no better choice than this newly discovered addition to my collection. As any reader to the blog would know, I kind of have a minor obsession with the 1976 Saturday morning series and finding merchandise from it. I was […]