5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Monster Squad Frankenstein– Admittadly, i prefer the TV series “The Monster Squad” over the 1980s movie but everytime I do a search I do run into these custom Mego-esque figures done by the amazing Distinctive Dummies and they give me pause.

Cliffhangers TV Week Cover– Remember the TV series “Cliffhangers” featuring three stories that were supposed to channel old movie serials. It was one of my favourite TV shows growing up and other than some press photos this is like the only piece of merchandise ever.

Tarzan Card Game by Mattel- I’m not big on card games but that all changes when the packaging is done by JACK FREAKING KIRBY. Jack’s rendition of Tarzan is a little weird which of course, makes it ten times more awesome.
Lili Ledy Tusken Raider- In Mexico, Lili Ledy made their own officially licensed 12″ figures, they’re whacky, a little off model and totally adorable. None so much as this, the Tusken Raider or “Sand Person” which of course, Kenner never made. I seriously want one of these badly but of course, they’re ridiculously hard to find. Why I am always attracted to such pretty things?

Mazinger Super 8 Film-  I love Shogun Warriors, Foreign items and Super 8 movies so this Japanese Super 8 film hits a lot of buttons for me. It’s super pricey but this is really window shopping anyway.

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  • benestro138 on November 17, 2018

    That Tusken raider is great.
    Six year old me would have freaked.

  • Anonymous on November 24, 2018

    5 Awesome things on Ebay this week. Free Bonus: 3 Scary things you never needed to see!

    -Jack Kirby's mutant-monkeys. What is wrong with that thing's face?

    On full-screen, the lion's eyes follow you around the room.

    -Tusken Raiders with their robes off.
    It's as bad as everyone always suspected. Right now this Anon is sooo glad the robes never came off on the old Kenner figurines.

    The real ones on Tatooine were mostly British expats who moved there after the war. This guy was probably knifing German sentries just five years earlier.


    -The price for two Lil Ledy Tusken Raiders.
    Seriously? That's a legit price?

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