Mexican Star Wars

I love this (Knock off, judging by the misspelling of the film’s title) piece from Mexico, so much so that I put it in my book Rack Toys. Funny thing is, I have no idea what it’s for, I assume it’s for an action figure but I have no clue. L’il help SW fans? Like […]

El Squadron Lobo Big Jim Gallery Updated

It’s been ten years since I updated my little tribute page to the Kid Acero line of toys and it was long overdue.  Known to us as Big Jim, Mexican toy maker Cipsa infused the line with a heavy dose of creativity. The result is a Big Jim’s wolfpack with a rich science fiction flavour. […]

Mexican Aquaman

Tracked down a toy I’ve wanted for ages recently and it’s certainly not the Aquaman, let alone a Shogun Warrior you’re probably familiar with but I can explain some of this mystery after the jump.  You see in Japan, Popy created a Jumbo Machinder (which is what Shogun Warriors were based on)  of one of […]

Star War

I’ve had this Mexican backer card for years, although I’ve never fully known what toys it was used to sell. My best theory is parachuting figurines that were copies of the Kenner figures but I’m not sure. All i know is, I love the art on this thing though it looks largely swiped from Marvel’s […]