1980 JC Penny Toy Land Flyer

I am a complete junkie for toy store newspaper flyers, they are just such a wonderfully illustrated time capsule of our childhoods. This beautiful piece from JC Penny in 1980 is a pretty terrific example of why I love these, so many old friends are here. From bikes to big wheels, Barbie to Ms Piggy, […]

1983 JC Adventures in Toy Land Catalog

Another fun trip down memory lane courtesy of the JC Penney toy flier. The Penney Flier always kind of went a step up normal advertising and this 1983 brochure looks more like a cool comic book than an advertisement. 1983 is a great example to have thanks to the metric ton of iconic 80s toys […]

1977 JC Penney Toy Flyer

Department stores used to have proud toy sections, so much so that they were a preferred destination when you had a few bucks to spend. You tagged along when your mom needed to visit the credit department, just so you could possibly swing by toys.One of the biggest back in the day was JC Penney, […]

A Tribute to Bad 70’s Fashion

Who doesn’t love a clip show? After more than a year and a half of blogging about polyester, it seemed fitting to put together a “Greatest Hits” packageof some of the bigger fashion attrocities of the 1970’s. Thanks of course, to the good catalogs at Aldens, JC Penney, Sears and Wards.So check out the best […]