Holly Hobby and Fonzie Radios by Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair made some unique licensed radios and turntables in the 70s. I particularly love the wrist radio (used for things like James Bond and Space: 1999) for Holly Hobby is surreal. However, it is all redeemed by the Fonzie jukebox, which functions as a prop for your Mego figures.         The […]

1980 Aladin Lunch Box Catalog

The name Aladin and lunch pails are synonymous. For generations, many of us received these wonderful licensed metal containers to bring to school, back when kids could bring peanut butter sandwichs to school that is.. This 1980 Catalog features a great mix of popular characters, many like Barbie and Superman are still being put on […]

Holly Hobbie Mania

Up until I wrote this blog post, I had no idea that Holly Hobbie is a real person. My entire world has been changed. We have a PodCast! It’s fun, please listen. Check out our Instagram for more stuff like this blog. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

1978 Dejay Record Player Catalog

I’m really happy vinyl is back in what few record stores I can find these days, that’s why I love this 1978 catalog from Dejay featuring a variety of licensed children’s record players. Disco, Holly Hobbie and the Superfriends, it’s a grouping that won’t happen in any other decade…. Check out the 1978 Dejay Catalog […]

Rain of the Supermen

I love stuff like licensed rain coats mostly because few people thought to save them, especially fond of the Star Trek one. I have nothing against Holly Hobby but sometimes it’s hard to scan a catalog without destroying it in the process…

Holly Hobby Mania

Being a lad, the allure of Holly Hobbie completely missed me but the number of times I saw her back in the day makes me think that she was something of a rock star in that “girl world” of which I still know little to nothing about. I will admit to being somewhat nostalgic for […]