1989 Galoob Star Trek TNG catalog

Lewis Galoob Toys inc took a major gamble in the late 1980s when it licensed the merchandising rights to the yet-to-air syndicated series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in the late 1980s. Star Trek had a varied history as a toy property. The television series would make millions for companies such as Mego. Still, the […]

Toy-Ventures: Big Bad John from Lincoln International

Toy-Ventures this week talks about Big Bad John, the rarest Lincoln International figure out there and a relatively new discovery. A generic bad guy figure for your Mego Starsky and Hutch figures. One of the best things online toy communities can do is work together and discover new things. The story of Big Bad John […]

The Last Star Fighter Prototypes Found

This past week I got one of those emails that I just absolutely live for and that is from the owner of the hand painted set of prototype figures for the Last Star Fighter. Pictured about is the original catalog page we showed here.  Originally proposed by Galoob, these figures never saw light of day, […]

Electronic Bowling

We thought Electronic bowling could never get better but  eventually it would become sentient and wipe us all out. Mall of Justice wants your photos and stories click here!

The Top Ten cancelled toys of the 70s/80s

As much as I enjoyed my childhood, it sometimes pains me to think of the stuff we didn’t get, for whatever boring grown up decision. Sure, some of these licensed wouldn’t have sold and could have forced the companies into risky financial positions but baby Brian wants his toys dammit! Here are the top ten […]

Galoob Infaceables

Even though my toy buying was waning considerably by 1984 (sadly I was getting more into Doctor Who paperbacks than girls) I do admire some of the cool gimmicks used to spawn action figures at the time..Take for example Galoob’s Infaceables line, a series of Heroes and Villains whose faces changed into horrible beasts. The […]

Galoob A Team Catalog

In 1984, Galoob toys launched an exciting line of toys based one of the bigger surprise hits of the decade. The A Team was a loud, fun and somewhat cartoony adventure show that had adults laughing and children everywhere captivated. It makes perfect sense that this motely crew would become part of a merchandising phenomenon. […]

Galoob Mr. T Catalog

In the early 1980s, a gentle, gold chained covered giant came into our households and told us to read the bible and drink our milk and in doing so, captured our hearts. Mr. T was exactly what Reagan era America was looking for, a straight laced tough guy whose look hinted at rebellion. The ensuing […]

The Last Star Fighter Action Figure Line

Seeing as the film was released on Blue Ray and DVD this week, I thought it would be fun/sad to take a look at the action figures we got screwed out of when the film was in theatres. As the Star Wars franchise started to slow down with the finality of “Return of the Jedi”, […]