Galoob Infaceables

Galoob Infaceables

Even though my toy buying was waning considerably by 1984 (sadly I was getting more into Doctor Who paperbacks than girls) I do admire some of the cool gimmicks used to spawn action figures at the time..Take for example Galoob’s Infaceables line, a series of Heroes and Villains whose faces changed into horrible beasts. The Infaceables didn’t rock the toy world (probably due to the lack of animated series) but they’re kind of a fun, typically mid eighties SciFi/Fantasy toy line. Also, dig the vehicle names, “Incredible Thrasher” is my new screenname on my Wii Active game…:

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  • Anonymous on July 16, 2010

    Wow, I must have had a mental block on these. I completely forgot about this horrible line, but seeing that pharaoh dude triggered something.

    These were part of the He-Man clone lines that were all over the place at the time. There were easily half a dozen or more lines that tried to cash in on the He-Man craze, and none really got close to the success that Mattel had – with the possible exception of Thundercats – but that's debatable.

    Like most He-Man clones, it was common to see them as guest stars in a He-Man play session, usually as some lame villain or fodder for getting beat down by the real characters. The vehicles as well would be used as throwaway pieces since you didn't want to dirty your Battle-Ram or Attack-Trak.

  • John III on July 16, 2010

    I do not remember these at all. And why are we reviewing 1984 toys????

    It's cool though. LOL

  • Alphacentaurian on July 17, 2010

    I think I remember these being shelf-warmers for a time after they came out. I'm pretty sure they ended up in BiWay stores for a while after! I don't think I ever had any, but they look cool now. Sorta remind me of those knock-off motorized dinosaur robots designed to carry He-Man scaled figs.

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