The Muppet Show 1981 Catalog

1981 and the world wide phenom known as the Muppet Show was still going strong buoyed mainly by it’s second feature film “The Great Muppet Caper” that summer. Fisher Price, was still popping out the merchandise and made several new editions to line including Piggy in her Pigs in Space Uniform. Click the pics or […]

Cool Collections: Kip of the Apes

Been really under pressure to put the final touch on Rack Toys this month so i was coming up short with a Friday feature.  Enter Kip and his amazing, newly displayed Ape collection to the rescue! I’ve seen plenty of Planet of the Apes and King Kong collections in my time but Kip seems to […]

1978 Fisher Price Muppet Show Catalog

The Muppet Show was as much an ingrediant to a happy 70s childhood as were orange kitchens and pop rocks were. The UK Produced syndicated series was a complete smash and not surprisingly oodles of merchandising followed. Toymaker Fisher Price already knew the value of a Muppet, having produced Sesame Street items since the early […]

1981 Fisher Price Adventure People Catalog

After blasting on the scene and creating the 3 3/4″ revolution six years earlier, the Fisher Price Adventure people were still going strong in a Science Fiction crazed world. While still focusing on earth bound fun like camping and driving race cars, the Adventure People were also looking to the stars in 1981 with the […]

More Fisher Price Store Displays

Brian from Ant-Toys strikes again!,we last heard from him when he sahred his amazing find of 1970s Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays and now he’s back to share some toy history, this time it’s about other FP lines like Muppets and Little People: I still have a few of these Little People vehicles kicking […]

Adventure People Discovery

Got a great email from another Brian yesterday, this being the Brian who sells on Ebay as Ant-Toys, it seems he’s had an amazing find of 70s toy history in these four original Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays. The amazing thing about this is they’re stocked with figures! A really rare and impressive sight. […]

K Mart Toy Sale 1978

While the newspaper flyer has yet to be replaced in this digital age and I admit I still check the Christmas toys out, it’s just not as cool as when I was eight. That’s why I thought it would be fun to see the toys on sale at K Mart during this week thirty one […]

Bathtub Sailing

I’d really like to nominate the Fisher Price Boat pictured here as one of the greatest bathtub toys ever created. I realize there is no “bathtub toys hall of fame” but there should be, I’d visit!