Pod Stallions Mini Sode 4: Top Five Christmas Presents

Pod Stallions Mini Sode 4: Top Five Christmas Presents

Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions Mini Sode 4: Top Five Christmas Presents

Ok, this isn’t much of Mini as it runs over an hour (Boy, we can talk!) but it is a fun show nonetheless.

For this “Mini” Jason proposed the challenge that we talk about our “top five” Christmas presents as kids. That’s a hard thing to pick but we managed.

Topics include Kenner Star Wars (duh), Mego Superheroes, Hot Wheels, more Kenner Star Wars (we are Gen X after all) Six Million Dollar man, Tony Rosato, failed 80s sitcoms, calling your mom at work, Florida in the 1970s, Brian’s weird childhood,  the Fisher Price Adventure People, Star Team, Starroids, Indiana Jones and did we mention Kenner Star Wars?

About The Author

AKA Brian Heiler author of "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" and co-editor of "Toy-Ventures Magazine". Co-Host of the "Pod Stallions" podcast. Host of the Brick Mantooth Youtube channel, painter, designer, writer, mental health advocate, toy collector, Mego, and Mego Knock-Off enthusiast. I have large feet, ADHD and I live in Canada. Talk toys, not others.


  • Hauntedheadful on December 23, 2017

    You got most all of my faves for sure.Dinosaurs,GI Joe (Adventure Team,not ARAH)Superheroes,and Star Wars,ruled my childhood.I would also include Micronauts and give Hot Wheels an honorable mention.Many of my cousins and friends were into Six Million Dollar Man toys.I thought they were cool, but they somehow didn't make it into my childhood toybox.Good podcast!

  • pro wrestling photog on January 2, 2018

    My most memorable Christmas gift was a Mego Joker figure. The figure was pretty cool but the memorable part was how it was given to me. After all the presents were open one of my siblings came in from outside. They had my Mego Joker still in the Christmas wrapping. They told me that Santa must have dropped it from out roof. Santa was still real to me.

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