Giant Sized Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse

Giant Sized Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse

In1977, Fisher Price promoted the Little People Sesame Street Clubhouse by creating a gigantice model of it.

The happy memories I had playing with this toy are only slightly shadowed by the original Sesame Street set by FP. I look at this thing and it cheers me up, always will.

I need to know if this still exists somewhere, come on interwebs do your magic, we tracked down Oscar Goldman’s Briefcase in minutes, let’s do this! Also, I’m less than two hours away, if this is in somebody’s garage or attic, I would kill to come photograph it. Seriously, look at that giant Bert!

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  • Tim H on August 28, 2016

    Wow, at $17.99 for the Sesame Street Fisher-Price clubhouse set, that would have been on the steep (price) side… I'm getting a feel, from your catalogs, that in the mid to late 1970s, $10 was a moderately expensive toy, or at the very least, you could expect a deluxe toy set at that price. That said, I remember this toy well and can't believe the enormous fun I had twirling characters in the roof-top basket and playing with the connectable blue and red barrels. I was disappointed to learn that Fisher-Price no longer makes toys in this style. Now, their figures are all vinyl and very rounded–I infer they are less of a choking hazard, yet they also have molded arms, and the like. I guess that toys for very little kids are actually made with the parents in mind… parents are attracted to the fancier looking toys…

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