Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Hunt

Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Hunt 1 day, 3 antique malls, 300 miles and ten thousand steps. Come join us on our biggest toy hunt yet, the Epic Toy Hunt. We see more vintage toy eye candy that should be legal, pick up some charming stuff and play a little “antique mall bingo.” All on the extra […]

Fisher-Price and Lego- 1980 Consumer’s Distributing Catalog

Fisher-Price and Lego- 1980 Consumer’s Distributing Catalog   If there is any testament to the power of Fisher-Price toys, it’s the fact that many of the items featured here had serious longevity. I had the three bottom items from the Fisher-Price play family series, namely the Farm, the parking garage and the ferry boat before […]

Toy-Ventures: Toy Hunt with me!

In this week’s episode of Toy-Ventures, I ask you to Toy Hunt with me as I take a tour of some antique malls and toy stores on my monthly road trip. In this episode I visit three different places on my journey: The One of a Kind Antique Mall (Woodstock, ON) Southworks Antique Mall (Cambridge, […]

Little People Love

I really should keep some Fisher Price little people on my desk (or at the very least some Pin Mates) I think starting the day with them would greatly improve my overall experience. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Giant Sized Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse

In1977, Fisher Price promoted the Little People Sesame Street Clubhouse by creating a gigantice model of it. The happy memories I had playing with this toy are only slightly shadowed by the original Sesame Street set by FP. I look at this thing and it cheers me up, always will. I need to know if this […]

The Top Ten Fisher Price Little People sets

If you’re a kid of the 1970s, chances are the sight of the limbless cherubic Fisher Price Little people will bring a smile to your face. These simple (and indestructable!) toys were the deserved kings of the preschool aisle during the polyester decade Here are the top ten Fisher Price Little People Sets: 10) Sesame […]

More Fisher Price Store Displays

Brian from Ant-Toys strikes again!,we last heard from him when he sahred his amazing find of 1970s Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays and now he’s back to share some toy history, this time it’s about other FP lines like Muppets and Little People: I still have a few of these Little People vehicles kicking […]

1975 Fisher Price Catalog

Fisher Price created some of the most durable and well remembered toys of our life time, if you’re a 70/80’s kid, you likely had wonderful afternoons with the little people and possibly graduated to the real world action of the Adventure People. 1975 was an amazing year for Fisher Price, not only did they launch […]

FIsher Price Toy Love

It’s not often I give myself flashbacks but that’s what happened with this 1977 Fisher Price Toy Catalog., Starting with crib toys and moving to the point where you traded in your little people for adventure people, you might find something you had on every page.