My Fantasy Island Collection

Inspired by the new movie “My Dinner with HervĂ©” (Dinklage is pretty amazing in it BTW) I thought it would be fun to showcase the nick nacks (pun intended) that I’ve collected from the TV series “Fantasy Island“. Growing up I rarely missed the show on Saturday nights, it’s mix of fantasy, comedy and horror […]

Cory’s awesome Halloween collection

Yesterday i saw the most fantastic collection of Halloween decorations and luckily, it’s owner Cory was totally down to let me share it with you all. What follows is presented with out commentary cause all i would is say “need it, got, need it, need it”. Click after the jump for the coolest selection of […]

Cool Collections: Kip of the Apes

Been really under pressure to put the final touch on Rack Toys this month so i was coming up short with a Friday feature.  Enter Kip and his amazing, newly displayed Ape collection to the rescue! I’ve seen plenty of Planet of the Apes and King Kong collections in my time but Kip seems to […]

Cool Collections: John’s Monsters

I LOVE it when folks share their collections with me, especially when it’s stuff near and dear to my heart like Monster toys. John was kind enough to give us a peak into his lair today and it’s a drool worthy assortment of old and new, more after the jump. If you dare! A lot […]

Evel’s Crash Car Today

Recently I got an email from a fellow by the name of Jerry asking about Evel Knievel’s famous Crash car. I get a lot of emails (I don’t have any Stretch Armstrong’s for sale, sorry) and just assumed he was another interested toy collector. Which was a total mistake because while Jerry likes toys he’s […]

Cool Collections: Sammy

I got a cool Halloween Treat this week froim my pal Sammy from the Mego forum, he was kind enough to get into the Spooky spirit by sharing his collection of Aurora Monster kits and AHI Super Monsters. Both of these are like kryptonite to me, so check out all the fun after the jump: […]

Friend Good!

Here are some of the first few fun pics submitted for our 2010 Halloween Countdown Contest (which is still open BTW) these come to us from Jon of  Pop Culture Central and it’s him and his brother meeting the Frankenstein Monster at Universal stuidos in the 80s. I rarely get sent classic Monster Appearances so it’s blast to […]

Cool Collections: Frank S

My mailbox got filled a couple of weeks ago with pictures of one of the grooviest toy rooms I’ve ever seen and I’m happy to share. The most awesome thing about Frank’s collection is the variety, I wouldn’t know what to say he does collect other than the 70s itself. Everywhere you look there’s little […]

Cool Collections: Dan Bru

Dan Bru, a graphicdesigner/artist/blogger living in West Paris, Maine dropped me a line this week with some peaks at his uber cool upstairs office. Dan muses on comics, art and pop culture on his very own blog 3-d monster.That Brianiac figure is one of Dan’s own creations, which reminded that I used to know him […]

Cool Collections: Dion Thurman

I’ve always wanted to do features on people’s collections, so when Dion offered shots of his 70’s toy collection, there was no better place to start. Above we’ve got three staples of the seventies, KISS, Jaws and the Six Million Dollar man, sweeeeeet! I spy and Aurora Creature kit and a Vincent Price Shrunken Head […]