GI Joe Memories from 1976 or I love Bulletman

1976 GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog PageOver the weekend, a friend asked me to help him with toy research, which meant going through my catalogue collection.  That sort of activity is always welcome here as I get to thumb through some favourites from childhood. In particular, the 1976 Simpsons-Sears catalogue. In Canada, Sears partnered with […]

Toy-Ventures: Mike Power Atomic Man

This week is all about one of my favourite childhood friends, the amazing Mike Power : Atomic Man from the GI Joe Adventure Team. We talk about his origins, foreign incarnations, accessories and his sales.  Special thanks to Chris at Hosted and edited by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions) PlaidStallions Facebook Page Plaidstallions facebook group […]

Super People 78

When Star Wars figures came out, all my favourites from previous Christmases got sent to the Black and White pages often discounted.  I didn’t mind at the time but now it kind of makes me a little sad, save for the awesome team up of Steve Austin and Spider-Man, that just rules.

Hasbro on Parade

Sadly, Jerry Lewis was never part of the GI Joe Adventure Team, his presence was to promote a series of board games. What a missed opportunity to have sets like “Search for the Golden Ladieeeeeeee!”

1975 Christmas Toy Store Flyer

Newspaper circulars for toy stores are a tough thing to find, often thrown out immediately it’s a shame when you realzie what a wonderful window into our world they truly are. Take this one for a store called “Hagensick’s Playroom” (great name) in Wisconsin, which features a veritible “who’s who” of hot items for the […]

PodStallions 21: Bionic Man-ia

It was bound to happen, episode 21 talks of the Six Million Dollar Man television series which slow motion ran across our television screens (and our collective hearts) during the Polyester decade. In this we discuss the series itself, the spin offs and the crazy/wonderful merchandise that made Christmas more memorable. We go through the […]

1975 Hasbro GI Joe Catalog

1975 was a very good year for G.I. Joe, well at least from where I stood, seeing as I was five at the time. The whole Joe line got a make over including the man himself  a new more muscular body, gone were the solid boxes in lieu of blister cards. The Ad campaign this year was […]

Trading Cards Again…

When I started out doing trading card #9, I wanted to do something for the ladies. The Fembot seemed like a great start, sure she’s a girl but also a robot whose face comes off, total win/win. For card #10, I felt the need to do something that wasn’t action figure based, the Green Machine […]

More Mike Power Atomic Man

Mike Power had a big impact on me as a kid, he beat the Six Million Dollar Man to market by a few months and he was a pretty big deal on the play ground. He was of course, pretty much forgotten once Steve Austin lumbered onto toy shelves.The Sea Wolf Submarine, also seen on […]