Kenner Alien, He’s a Cutie?

I’ve desperately trying to scan in a newly acquired Toys R Us Flyer from 1980 for Friday (fingers crossed). I’ve been so busy with it that I only just noticed the Kenner Alien in there! Such an iconic and coveted toy just regulated to the corner, it brings you back to the reality that the […]

Vintage Toy Store Pictures Volume 18

For this year’s last Friday feature, I bring you my favourite of all sections of PlaidStallions another volume of vintage toy store pictures! Celebrating the time when we had unique independent retailers dotting our landscape and came up with colourful and and interesting ways of selling us toys. Volume 18 is our biggest yet and loaded with […]

Pod Stallions Episode 23: Monster Movies

As we are both lovers of Monster Cinema or some call it “Creature Features” it makes sense for J and B to count down their top ten favourite Monster movies. By favourite, we do not mean “best” or greatest, just our personal favourites. Our top tens vary wildly which makes for an interesting discussion, Jason […]

Kenner Alien Promotional Catalog

In 1979, Kenner toys gave out this promotional catalog to prospective industry buyers to promote what they hoped would be their next big science fiction property “Alien”.  While the film itself was a hit and still considered a classic, Kenner would soon realize that the world wasn’t ready for toys based on R rated sci […]

Super 7 reveals SDCC Alien ReAction Goodies

I’m not much of a modern toy news guy but the good people at Super 7 are doing a phenomenal job at pushing every one of my nostalgic toy nerd buttons. So dedicated to channeling the ghost of Kenner, Super 7  not only issuing a SDCC early bird kit (which really is both nostalgic and a clever […]

Weekend News-A-Rama

Been kind of sidetracked lately and whenever that happens, the world moves on and does neat stuff, so I’ll try and play catch up. 1) Outer Space Men  The very cool Outer Space Men line of toys has a new limited edition set called “Cosmic Creators” that are signed by the legendary Mel Birnkrant, creator […]

Super 7 issue Alien “Reaction” Catalogs

The good folks at Super 7 shared with me this brilliant catalog they’re handing at next weekend’s WonderCon out in anticipation of their 3 3/4″ “ReAction” figures (great name!). This catalog is loaded with inside vintage toy references and of course, the cover pays tribute to the Kenner game box.  As a collector of both […]

The Top Ten cancelled toys of the 70s/80s

As much as I enjoyed my childhood, it sometimes pains me to think of the stuff we didn’t get, for whatever boring grown up decision. Sure, some of these licensed wouldn’t have sold and could have forced the companies into risky financial positions but baby Brian wants his toys dammit! Here are the top ten […]

Original Alien Artwork for sale

What an awesome treat I have today. I was alerted on Tuesday by a seller that they had some original Earl Norem Artwork produced for the HG Toys Alien series coming up for sale this weekend.  This is not only huge, it’s wonderfully timely considering we’re ten days into our Month of Halloween celebration and Promethius just arrived on DVD […]