Toy-Ventures: Weird Knock-Offs Unboxing!

Toy-Ventures: Weird Knock-Offs Unboxing! Toy-Ventures is back with another unboxing of weird knock-off action figures just in time for our upcoming book! This week we face Tuff guys, Weird Astronauts/Fire Men and the weirdest Justice League ever. Unbox with me!   Watch Toy Shop on Tour Here:   Our magazine Toy-Ventures is available to […]

I Love Action Figures in Karate Outfits

(Many thanks to my friend Eddie for this awesome image above)  The Martial Arts explosion of the early 1970s was not lost on action figures, growing up in this time, it gave me a lifelong obsession with the culture.  It also turned out to be a real positive influence in my life, so I’ve decided […]

Mego’s Action Jackson

I have a strange bond with Mego’s Action Jackson, I was slightly too young for him when he came out but thanks to my father’s business of buying closeouts, I had a small army of them during childhood. Action Jackson became a character actor in my backyard adventures becoming Sinestro, Klingons, Planet of the Apes […]

Action Jackson on the Planet of the Apes

I’ve posted this photo on the MegoMuseum before but it needs to be put here because it’s awesome. Courtesy of Ken Abrams, I present Mego CEO dressed as Action Jackson atop the Mego Planet of the Apes parade float. The gentleman in the Ape costume is VP of Mego R&D Neal Kublan and the “human […]

Colouring Book Theatre : Action Jackson

Today’s colouring book is a personal favourite of mine, Mego Action Jackson.For those not in the know, Action Jackson was Mego’s attempt to muscle into the boy’s market dominated by G.I. Joe with a new character and plenty of TV advertising.Action Jackson was a sportsman/adventurer/military man who kids just had to think of what they […]