Exciting Toys from the Star Wars Series

This nice ad from Zayres (wish i had the whole flyer) is from Christmas 1983 and I’m guessing by that point, I had jumped off the wonderful train that was Star Wars.  I still read the Marvel comic mind you but I honestly don’t recognize or remember that mini-rig or the plush Ewoks at all. […]


There are NINE PAGES of Annie merchandise in the 1983 Sears catalog. More than any of the other themes like Smurfs or Strawberry Shortcake and exactly nine pages more than “Wrath of Khan” which was more successful at the box office. Not being a young girl at the time (or any time for that matter) I […]

Kenner Jedi

So instead of  Leia, this ad features slave General Madine, the most boring Kenner figure ever IMO (and the last figure I ever purchased, talk about going out with a whimper.) Even Jabba seems to be yawning.

The Saga of Crystar Crystal Warrior

I stumbled on this great toy fair ad for Crystar today and it reminded me of the first time I saw the line in a Liesure World as a kid (a store that rarely carried action figures BTW).  Remco and Marvel teamed up on this and it seemed like it would have been a big […]

Atari Halloween

For some reason I didn’t add this page to the 1983 Collegeville Catalog when i did it and it only took me 7 years to figure that out. I can’t imagine the conversations when the designers were told tha they had to develop a costume for Asteroids but in the end, I can’t say I could do […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Happy Days

Happy Days Colouring and Activity Book Another colouring book I found rummaging through  Planet of the Stuff a couple of weeks ago. Like a lot of 70s kids, I non-ironically stood in a mirror going “Ayyyyy!” and begged my parents for a leather jacket. I loved Happy Days, had a Mego Fonize doll and even bought […]

Imperial Monsters

I have to admit that I’ve never warmed to the Imperial Monster figures, they came out when I was a teenager and I was spoiled by what came earlier. Since then, I’ve met several people who owed their adult monster love to these very figures, plus this display box is pretty swell, so I thought […]