Hairy, Scary Monsters from Collegeville

1982 saw the Universal monsters depart Ben Cooper and move over to Collegeville for a glorious rebranding. The monster were all given weaves, gorgeous new packaging and Collegeville even added the Metaluna Mutant to the mix. This Friday’s Pod Stallions is all about Store Bought Costumes of yore, hope you’ll check it out. For more […]

Slumber Fun!

I love that this page from 1982 still has some of the more solid 70s designs like that DC comics Super heroines design with the more trendy characters like Pac-Man and the Dukes.  Wish I could collect these but they are space killers!

The Last Shogun

Click on the image for a larger view I found this single page in the back of a 1982 Mattel Germany catalog and for some reason it kind of made me sad. The catalog (which I’ll get to) is loaded with pages of cool European Big Jim stuff, Barbie and newcomer He-Man.  These two Goldorak […]

1982 Kenner Sea Wees Catalog

  Kenner Sea Wees were a yearly staple during the late 1970s/early 1980s, poart fashion doll, part bath toy, these figures had a lasting popularity. In 1982, the theme was “Tropigals” and well, I’m not sure what the difference is..   Oh it’s probably the grass skirts, look I’m not awesome with Girl’s toys but I […]

1982 Meccano Action Man Catalog

Meccanno Action Man 1982 Palitoy Action Man wasn’t just marketed to children in the UK it also spread to countries such as France, where Miro-Meccano brought the fuzzy haired, eagle eyed soldiers to market. In addition to 12″ figures, Meccano also brought in the popular 3 3/4″ Action Force line that was very popular at […]

1982 Knickerbocker World of Annie Catalog

Annie was a film based on the hit 1977 broadway musical which in itself was based on the classic syndicated comic strip “Little Orphan Annie”. Thankfully the movie didn’t remove everyone’s pupils for authenticity. The film was expected to be a blockbuster smash and companies such as Knickerbocker hedged their bets by preparing a slew […]

Wacky Trucks

Fleetwood Toys introduced the “Wacky Truck” in 1982, combining the Wacky Pack to a toy? Perfection! My only problem with it is I don’t own one.

1982 Gabriel Legend of the Lone Ranger Catalog

The big budget film “Legend of the Lone Ranger” saw a triumphant return to the license by toy company Gabriel (who had made some pretty epic Long Ranger toys in the 1970s). While the movie was a big disappointment, Gabriel once again brought their “A Game” and made some kicking toys and action figures for […]

1982 Kenner Indiana Jones Line

Despite it’s parentage of Lucas and Spielberg, Indiana Jones has never been the merchandising success like it’s cousins Star Wars and E.T. Although one could blame that on it’s historical surrounds or it’s lack of wookies, it’s really never been established why. One of the best attempts at merchandising Indy was Kenner’s 1982 “Adventures of […]