Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 12: Stretch Monster

Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 12: Stretch Monster


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 12 features a tribute to Kenner Stretch Monster with an interview with it’s creator, Tim Effler.

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Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue #12 comes directly from the publisher. You are getting a mint, brand-new copy of this magazine straight from the source. 

Issue 12 is a celebration of Stretch Monster featuring a deluxe gatefold cover by Mr. Peter Carsillo (Cover artist for Issue 10 as well)

Toy-Ventures Issue 12- Stretch Monster

Toy-Ventures Issue 12- Stretch Monster


Articles in this Issue: TBA

The Hilarious House of Prank ‘N Stein

Stretch Monster is NOT Indestructible

Time of the Mego Apes

Palitoy Commander Power

The Way We Played part 2

Basement of Horror 

Chance’s Toy Box

Bootleg V toys bonus feature

Label Slap Spotlight- Arco Robotech set


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue #12 Stretch Monster


About Toy-Ventures Magazine:

Did you miss print toy collector magazines? So did we and that’s why we created Toy-Ventures magazine in 2020.

Toy-Ventures magazine is an old-school full-colour print toy collector-focused publication featuring toys and action figures from the 1960s to the 1990s.

From the people who brought “Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings” and “Knock-Offs: Totally Unauthorized Action Figures” and the Brick Mantooth YouTube channel, Toy-Ventures is a “deep dive” into vintage and retro toys. 

Each issue of Toy-Ventures magazine will feature collector guides, rare photographs, interviews, and articles by some of the toy experts in the Collector Field. It’s a quarterly celebration of our childhood friends!

Photos and toys in this issue include: 

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