Brick Mantooth Action Figure –

Brick Mantooth Action Figure –

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Brick Mantooth Action Figure

Plaid Stallions and Odeon Toys presents the most important action figure ever made in the form of Brick Mantooth.

Each Brick Mantooth action figure comes dressed in the height of Polyester fashion and has his own solid box.

Head sculpted by Sean Sansom, production by Dr. Mego, box art by Robyn Adams, Steve Moore created Brick’s groovy threads. 

Brick Mantooth is a weird joke gone way, way too far. He’s a catalogue model we turned into a cartoon character. 

I was sending money to China and then I had dolls in my garage. It’s almost over, but I’ve always been really happy about how this went down. Seriously, so many people got in on the joke. Once this run is gone, it’s done, and I’m so happy about this journey.


Buy a Brick Mantooth now or forever hold your piece or don’t. Brick is on his way to being a rare collectible, fill your basement!



2 reviews for Brick Mantooth Action Figure –

  1. Zachary Whitmore (verified owner)

    Think Thick! Thick like Brick!

    Super Fast International Shipping, Great Packaging and Amazing Product!

    Rest Assured I fully intend to use this to create my own ‘knock-off’ over the next 3 to 5 years (maybe 7 actually) who’s name shall be “Man BrickTooth: the Flannel Companion” (maybe “Bystander” or “Acquaintance” rather than ‘Companion’)

    Thank You!

    Top Shelf!

  2. Blast Hardcheese

    Got mine for an early Christmas gift! He’s just incredible in every way. The only problem I’m having is that now I can’t find ANY of my other vintage toys. Hulk is nowhere to be seen. Optimus Prime has vanished. Lion-O? Duke? He-Man? All GONE! I think they all were intimidated by Brick’s pure manliness and incredible fashion sense and took a powder. So be forewarned. If you possess a Brick Mantooth doll, you have to keep him separate from all your other toys, as his steely gaze and whiff of Hai Karate will send all the other toys heading for the hills. And don’t get me STARTED on what happened with Lady Jane and Arcee…

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