Super Collector Action Figure –

Super Collector Action Figure –

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Mego Museum Super Collector

MegoMuseum and Odeon Toys present the Mego Museum Super Collector!

Head sculpted by Sean Sansom,  body by Dr. Mego, box art and character design by Robyn Adams; Steve Moore crafted the outfit for the prototype. 

The Superhero from the far-off future of 2012 was sent back in time to help preserve Mego’s history and to stop the meddling of the evil Azrak!

Each figure comes with a solid box, MegoMuseum accessory and the outfit as shown.



MegoMuseum Super Collector action figure by Odeon Toys




1 review for Super Collector Action Figure –

  1. Zachary Whitmore (verified owner)

    As a Verified Owner; this product was Top Shelf!

    Not just in absolute quality, durability and super fast international shipping but the fact that Odeon Toys is completely spot on! The existing format of the 1970’s Action Oriented Man Doll has evolved into something new; something that transcends cultural trends, fads and propaganda that continuously attracts a growing, appreciative fan base.

    Plus it’s a neat toy that comes with stuff!

    Top Shelf!

    Thank you Odeon Toys!

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