Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions returns with another video episode.

This time we do commentary for the amazing ABC TV 1972 Saturday Morning preview with Burns and Schreiber. Superfriends! Lassie! Bug Bunny and that dreamy Rick Springfield, sigh….

Watch the original here:

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Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

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  • DBenson on September 18, 2022

    I was a teen by then, but I would usually check out the previews and sample new shows out of habit.

    If memory serves, this was a few years after superhero violence was out and redeeming social value was in.

    “Yogi’s Ark Lark” was an hour-long episode of “Saturday Superstar Movie”, that curious showcase of pilots and one-offs (The Banana Splits as cartoon characters, a Snoopy-free Red Baron, an animated knockoff of “Love American Style” …). It was slightly reconfigured as “Yogi’s Gang”, with the ark not really having a destination but dealing with anti-social villains of the week. They usually tried to sell the more susceptible characters on the pleasures of lying and other vices. “Lassie’s Rescue Rangers” was also launched from a “Saturday Superstar Movie.”

    “Super Friends” was likewise into pro-social messaging, with marginally less silly villains who had to learn a lesson. It originally had two teenagers and a dog for comedy relief; they were replaced by the Wonder Twins.

    All I recall of “Mission Magic” was that the Mary Poppins-like teacher was named Miss Tickle and Rick Springfield played himself.

    There was a flurry of live action shows, like “Far Out Space Nuts” and “Ghostbusters” along with all the Krofft projects.

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