Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview Pod Stallions returns with another video episode. This time we do commentary for the amazing ABC TV 1972 Saturday Morning preview with Burns and Schreiber. Superfriends! Lassie! Bug Bunny and that dreamy Rick Springfield, sigh…. Watch the original here: #filmation #podstallions #batman Pod Stallions FaceBook Group: Listen […]


No wonder everybody was skinny ! Also, work out leotards are classy as hell, everybody looks like they are spaceship crew, I think pink means officer. We have a PodCast! It’s fun, please listen. Check out our Instagram for more stuff like this blog. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Lightning Bug

    Most people would hear the word Mego and associate it with the eight inch action figure craze they created in the 1970s that still has enduring fandom. However, the company started out as a producer of low cost “Hush Up Toys” which we now call “Rack Toys”. The majority of the companies output […]

Billy Blast Off

I’m a couple of years too young to have enjoyed the adventures of this Japanese import (created by Tomy, Billy was brought to the Western world by a company called Eldon) but some folks I know that did grow up with it often get giddy upon it’s mention..

Rubber Snakes, Alligators and Poopatroopers

It’s amazing how much stuff like rubber snakes and alligators are part of childhood, we just seem drawn to these kinds of items when we’re kids. Imperial Toys seemed to have a great handle on this and seeing as how they’re still in business to this day, this stuff sells. I’m pretty sure I had […]

The Wonderful World of Blythe

It’s amazing how this very Mod little doll was virtually unknown until 25 years after she was cancelled when it became a pop culture phenom thanks to the photography of Gina Garan. This is the Kenner catalog from 1972 and Blythe only gets a single page (click on it for a larger view) now she’s […]

Love is…

Love is dressing alike, so it looks like you are wearing some sort of uniform. It’s almost as if you work at some sort of romantic version of McDonalds except your name tags would read “Punkin’ Pants” and “Mr.Ticklefarts”. I miss a lot of things from the 1970s but couples dressing alike ain’t one of […]