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Lincoln International Mummy.

Simply called Mummy, the figure is truly a little kid’s dream, covered in blood-red splotches (which don’t make a lot of sense) he looks nothing like the Karloff version. The Mummy has very large starlike eyes which are distinct to this character.

The outfit  is clearly aping the Design Azrak-Hamway Mummy figure.

Lincoln International Mummy Solid Box

Lincoln International solid box Mummy in all his sinister glory. The artwork while crude is surprisingly effective for this toy.

Lincoln International Mummy on Second Series B Card
Lincoln International Mummy on Second Series B Card

Lincoln International Mummy Card

Above is a “B” card or sometimes referred to as “UK Card” Mummy, the opaque colouring of the head on the figure is one of the bigger indicators it represents a later product time. 

The card back is an obvious copy of the US cards and the figure is a “B” style variant as mentioned in Toy-Ventures magazine issue 3.

A side-by-side comparison reveals an honest-to-goodness head variation between the B and A versions of the Lincoln International Mummy. The plastic on the B version (left) is more opaque while the US is thicker and allows for more detail.

Lincoln International Mummy Variations

A side by side comparison of the variants found for the A version Lincoln Mummy figure, it’s not known if the swapping of materials represents a running change or different production run (the A versions had at least two production runs) the darker material resembles the same type of bandages used on the AHI Mummy.

Lincoln Mummy

A close-up of the Mummy’s face reveals the gory little details such as the blood-soaked bandages (you’d have thought it would dry over the centuries) and the gory mouth and eyes. The wonderful appeal to this figure is that you can picture children painting or drawing a Mummy like this. He is tough to find loose and in good shape due to his fragile nature.

Lincoln and tomland mummy

The history is sketchy but sometime after Lincoln produced the Monsters, Tomland reused the head designs for a series of four action figures as well as some mini monster figures. The color schemes had changed but the figures kept that same kooky style they always had. 

Above a comparison shot of Lincoln Mummy along with the Tomland Mini Monster and the 8″ FMOL Mummy, neat-o!

Issue 3 of Toy-Ventures Magazine features the most comprehensive guide to the Lincoln Monsters every created with a detailed history of the company and of course, all the many iterations of the characters themselves.

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