PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive

Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive
Matchbox Fighting Furies Gallery

Matchbox Fighting Furies– The Fighting Furies were a series of 8″ Pirates and Cowboys produced by Matchbox (Lesney) and it’s one of the most beautiful and underrated action figure lines of the 1970s.

Nomura Yamato Action Figures

Nomura Star Blazers– Space Battle Ship Yamato or as we knew it “Star Blazers” got the coolest action figure range and playset I’ve ever seen. As a kid, I would have given anything to get these, unfortunately, I didn’t grow up in Japan.

Crime Busters– Crime Busters is a series of Knock Off Superhero dolls making use of discarded or leftover Captain Action suits, it’s one of the least lazy attempts I’ve ever seen.

Croner Buck Rogers Action Figures

Croner Buck Rogers– Australia is the only country in the world to have two competing Buck Rogers action figure lines, Mego and Croner.

bugmen of insecta- Multiple Toys

Bugmen of Insecta- Multiple Toys Bug Men of Insecta are a wonderfully creepy line of action figures knocking off Masters of the Universe and Sectaurs with a splash of horror.

Krazy Kreeps

KRAZY KREEPS–¬† A Gallery dedicated to the weirdest Mego Knock-Offs I have ever seen. Part AHI Super Monsters but with a morbid little difference.

Denys Fisher Cyborg Gallery

Denys Fisher Cyborg- UK toymaker took the popular Japanese Henshin Cyborg line by Takara and rebranded it for lucky British kids.

Hasbro Super Joe

Hasbro Super Joe– When G.I. Joe went to space and became Mego sized. We look at how he was marketed around the world.

POPY WORLD HEROES– Revised Gallery this August.

Lincoln International– Revised Gallery this July.

Azrak-Hamway International – Coming Soon! Everybody’s favourite Mego Knock-Offs in new revised galleries and collector guides by Toy-Ventures.

Galaxy Maidens

Galaxy Maidens are a series of Mego Knock Off figures, combining fashion dolls with Science Fiction, they’re a low-budget B-Movie of a toy line.

Gabriel Lone Ranger Gallery- Coming Soon!

Mego Knock-Off HQ Facebook Group

Mego Knock Off Headquarters Facebook Group– We talk cheap toys and have fun doing it.

Pod Stallions Facebook Group

Pod Stallions Facebook Group- if you like what we do here and enjoy a very chill vibe, then join us for conversation won’t you?