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Krazy Kreeps

Krazy Kreeps are a unique find, they are essentially a knock-off of a knock-off! The figures mainly use the bodies and heads from the AHI World Famous Super Monsters brand, which was a Mego Knock Off.

My best guess is these came out sometime in the 1980s, the header card uses the Disney Haunted House album from the late 1970s. I have found five of these, all from the United Kingdom in a collection I bought. They are weird, absolutely bizarre, and 100% vintage. 

Since I launched the video on Krazy Kreeps, I’ve had one person tell me he remembered these from when he was a kid, he thought he dreamt it. If you have any information on this toy line are memories, please drop me a line.

Toy-Ventures Krazy Kreeps Episode

Krazy Kreeps figure from the UK

Above is the first one I received, as you can see it’s the head of an AHI Dracula and the body is the same as the ones found on figures like Mighty Gary and other AHI KO figures.

Each Krazy Kreep has a tiny hang man’s noose around its neck, a morbid little detail that surely wouldn’t fly today.

Krazy Kreep Knock Off Action Figure

The second Krazy Kreep is another Dracula but he’s painted green and he’s wearing AHI Frankenstein‘s clothes. He also has the trademark noose.

Krazy Kreeps Tomland Morlock

This is the only Krazy Kreep I own where the figure isn’t based on an AHI character. The head for this character is the Morlock from the Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend toy line. The body, however, is not a Tomland. 

Seeing as AHI and Tomland both used independent factories, it is highly feasible that they were made at the same plant.

Krazy Kreep Wolfman

Krazy Kreeps Wolfman is one snappy dresser, his hair is perfect. I think this is my favourite of the ones I’ve found this far.

It’s not a monster party without a Mummy and the Krazy Kreeps Mummy has a monk’s robe complete with a rope belt that is the same material as his hangman’s noose.

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