Marx Safari Adventure Action Figures Catalog 1975

Marx Safari Adventure Action Figures Catalog 1975

Marx Safari Adventure Action Figures Catalog 1975

Marx Safari Adventure Action Figures Catalog 1975

Marx Safari Adventure Action Figures Catalog 1975

Louis Marx’s 1975 Toy Line “Safari Adventure” followed the trend of sport adventure put forward by G.I. Joe and Big Jim (Fisher-Price would release the Adventure People Safari this same year) but unlike the others, their line strictly focused on it.

Marx Safari Adventure was a well-made and quite intricate series of figures and playsets very close to the Mego scale that follows the exploits of Buck Hunter, Kim the photographer and Sgt. Kogo is their guide as they roam (what I would imagine) the wilds of Africa. Barely known in the collector markets, this toy line is worth a second look:


Marx Safari Adventure

Marx Safari Adventure included a menagerie of animals for Buck and his team to hunt I suppose? There is a mention of Gorilla but it is not shown but it appears to have been made.

Marx Safari Adventure

Our heroes Buck Hunter, Kim and Sgt. Kogo came well equipped. The figures had an action lever that moved their arms via a knob on the back. It was rare for Marx to include fabric clothes (or as it’s known in the toy industry “Soft Goods”) with their action figures. The Tent Playset looks fun and I keep thinking it would be fun to have these guys mix it up with Mego Tarzan


Marx Safari Adventure

Marx Safari Adventure was a well-thought-out line including a whole universe for kids to explore. I guess the cage means that Buck is here to capture, not kill. Phew! I’m finding myself wanting some of these toys now.

Marx Safari Adventure


The line was impressively packaged and displayed, I can’t imagine seeing that display wouldn’t have enticed me to get into this line as a kid. However, I never ran into it, it’s really neat!


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