1975 Fisher-Price Catalog – Adventure People- Sesame Street

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog – Adventure People- Sesame Street

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog

Fisher-Price created some of the most durable and well-remembered toys of our lifetime, if you’re a 70/80’s kid, you likely had wonderful afternoons with the little people and possibly graduated to the real-world action of the Adventure People.

1975 was an amazing year for Fisher-Price, not only did they launch the Adventure People but also released the Sesame Street Little People set, two incredibly iconic toys in one year.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog

The cover for the 1975 Fisher-Price Catalog looks a lot like my bedroom that Christmas, the safari people did a lot of driving by Sesame Street.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Adventure People Safari

I still have every piece from my original¬† Adventure People Safari set and it’s all in great shape, built to last!.






1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Adventure People Helicopter

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Adventure People Helicopter

The adventure people were a revolutionary line of toys, these 3 3/4″ dynamos would inspire Mego to create the Comic Action Heroes and a couple of years later Kenner would swipe their design with a little film called Star Wars, the rest is history.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Sesame Street

The Sesame Street set is absolutely hands down, one of the greatest things Fisher-Price ever made. I have nothing but fond memories of this wonderful toy.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Little People

The Little People Castle really is an incredible set and I spent hours with that airport.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Little People castle1975 Fisher-Price Catalog Little People train

These pre school toys and little people sets would be sold for much of the 70s, some are still available today.

1975 Fisher-Price Catalog pre-school toys

I honestly believe everyone was government issued that phone when I was a kid.

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Pod Stallions is one of the most fun groups on Facebook.

Mego Knock Off Headquarters– The leading group discussing 70s dimestore goodness, we talk vintage toys, not others!

Visit the PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive, we catalog unique toylines from the 70s & 80s including rare Japanese toys and knock-offs, updates done daily.

Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive

PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive




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  • Joseph Mello on July 6, 2021

    Loved the Sesame Street playset, and all the little details. And I also enjoyed playing with that A-frame house set. Good memories.

  • david fullam on July 12, 2021

    I weep for my lost childhood.

  • Ray Smith on August 3, 2021

    My favorite toys were all FP as a kid. I played with all my sets well past 2 – 8 years old age recommendation. (I saw the transition of all wooden Little People (the peg or pin figures) to wooden body, plastic heads. I believe my niece had all plastic, just before FP discontinued the size. (Lawsuits: children were choking on them.) I went crazy over the Adventures People when they were introduced. They were the BEST- until Matel took over and ruined the quality… like they did to MATCHBOX.

    Parking Garage
    Fold-up House
    Castle (the rotten turd from next door stole the knight as soon as I got the castle set! And the turd’s sibling broke the knight’s horse later on!)

    Patriotic Parachute and daredevil. (Got stuck on patio roof for a loooooooong time… When we finally were able to get it down, it held up extremely well, but part of the parachute was completely bleached out.)

    Daredevil Van with two figures (one with bending knees), kayak, parachute, and dirt bike.

    Ocean Adventure with boat, man and woman (dog chewed off woman’s legs), skies, tow rope, glass bottom explorer craft, and soft dolphin that could squirt water (which desolved into a misshapen sticky gooey messy lump over the years.)

    Safari Adventure with jeep, trailer, very well made tent (it had heavy duty fabric with METAL support frames), well made jointed animals (tiger, lion, gorilla, giraffe, zebra), a couple of well made plastic cages, a roll out bamboo coral fence (My first encounter with Velcro, I used to wear it as a belt!!!), a little movie camera for the dad figure, and a family of four… Again, shortly after getting this set, the turd next door stole the sister figure… The bitch!
    How did I know who took my stuff? All my actual friends didn’t care for my FP toys. (Like I said, I was well past the recommended age limit!)

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