Krofft Week: Land of the Lost

Krofft Week: Land of the Lost

Probably my most favourite of all Krofft shows would be Land of the Lost, I never missed it and it often scared the hell out of me.

It was also one of the most heavily merchandised Krofft shows ever made, above is the Safari Shooter one of the many rack toys made.

Speaking of Rack Toys, it’s a personal goal to get this bad boy one day.

This Sleestak Jiggler produced by Ben Cooper is among my favourite toy possessions. I have no idea why there haven’t been more Sleestak toys.

Speaking of Sleestaks, the Ben Cooper Halloween costume is another item I do hope to track down some day.

No greater evidence of the show’s popularity than the fact that viewmaster released two sets of reels for the show, one of the first season and a second for the “Uncle Jack” year.

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  • phairhead on February 11, 2015

    Oh boy, the Uncle Jack season! That was rather unfortunate.

    I own the Land of the Lost boardgame, my brother gave it to me a few years ago off of eBay. Still haven't figured out how to play it!

  • Tom on February 11, 2015

    I have the board game as well. It's the same game Milton Bradley used for Lost in Space just with different graphics. It's easy to play. Start your piece in the appropriately colored spot at the bottom of the board (Red/Yellow on left, Blue/Green on right). Spin the spinner and move the direction indicated (skip if you can't move that direction). Follow the instructions on the left and right margins of the game board if you land on those spots. If you land in the Sleestak cave, go back to start. First to reach their respective colored spots at the top of the board wins.

  • Tom on February 11, 2015

    I always thought Rick Marshall was a little too relaxed on that Viewmaster reel where he's standing next to the Sleestak. Unless it's "S'latch" who was an intelligent Sleestak. Whoa, I know way too much about this show.

  • phairhead on February 12, 2015

    Thanks for the help! 😀

    One of my favourite Rick Marshall scenes is from "Possession" when he's in the pylon and the evil Sleestak spirit is monologing & he says "No" like's he's training a dog. LOL

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