Toy-Ventures: 80s toy find!

   My friend dropped off a box of his childhood toys, so let’s take a look through this awesome time capsule of childhood friends! PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures Magazine #2 is now available and it’s been called “not only an entertaining read, but it’s also an impeccable work of reference” by PopCult. FACEBOOK GROUPS FROM PLAIDSTALLIONS […]

Toy-Ventures: Kung Fu Stuff!

Note: Warner Brothers doesn’t like that i used the show intro in the video and has blocked it on mobile devices. Sorry. Instead of looking at a single toy, I thought I’d share my collection of merchandise from the 1970s tv classic “Kung Fu”. There wasn’t a ton of merchandise for the show but there […]

Krofft Week: Land of the Lost

Probably my most favourite of all Krofft shows would be Land of the Lost, I never missed it and it often scared the hell out of me. It was also one of the most heavily merchandised Krofft shows ever made, above is the Safari Shooter one of the many rack toys made. Speaking of Rack […]

Krofft Week: Dr Shrinker

Continuing my love for all thing Krofft, I have always been super fond of Dr. Shrinker. I probably like “Far Out Space Nuts” a l’il bit more but it doesn’t seem to have much merchandise so Shrinker it is… Harmony had the license to make rack toys from all the Krofft Super Show and seemed […]

Krofft Week: Electrawoman and Dynagirl

This week’s podcast theme is the Krofft Supershow so I feel it appropriate to theme the week to some of my favourites from the brothers Krofft. Electrawoman and Dynagirl is absolutely in my top fiveKrofft shows. I didn’t understand what drew me to this show as a kid but these ladies had my attention.  Above […]

Scenes from Toy Fair 1975

I love these little black and white vignettes taken from the floor of the NYC toy fair, while almost every square inch of toy fair is now covered by the “nerd media” (That ain’t a dig BTW, I’m a card carrying member) it’s hard to find good photos from the 70s. My dad was actually […]

Viewmaster: The 70s child home theatre system

While I never had the luxury of talking Viewmaster or a projector ($50 could be used to purchase more action figures than I’d ever need) I did have the “Mr. Spock’s Time Trek” reel set displayed and I loved it dearly. IMO, Filmation did no wrong in the 1970s IMO.

Viewmaster Gift Sets

My dad used to sell Viewmasters, so I’ve always kind of dug them. My kids can watch anything they want whenever they want, so I guess viewmasters won’t be the big deal they were for me. If you look at some of them today, the amount of care that went into them is pretty noticeable.These […]