Pod Stallions 50: Listener Request Show

For our 50th show we put it to you, our wonderful audience and boy did you have some good ideas, seriously you gave us a year’s worth of topics, Jason and I don’t have to do any thinking in 2017 and we thank you because we hate thinking. But for this show we chose these […]

Krofft Week: Land of the Lost

Probably my most favourite of all Krofft shows would be Land of the Lost, I never missed it and it often scared the hell out of me. It was also one of the most heavily merchandised Krofft shows ever made, above is the Safari Shooter one of the many rack toys made. Speaking of Rack […]

The Day the Scary Creatures Took Over the World

I wanted to save this until Halloween but I just can’t wait the 7 months to show this off. This is one of the greatest 70s Rack Toy displays I’ve ever seen, mostly because it looks like an amalgam of every single “movie for a Sunday afternoon” that scared the living crap out of me […]

Big Bugs

Rubber bugs were a staple but Halloween usually saw a real uptick in their sales. I vividly recall buying one of these with a sack of cheap candy shoved in their abdomens. Does anyone else recall those?

Jiggler Supreme

In 1979 Ben Cooper released a wave of jigglers that comprised of The Thing, Red Skull, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. They also did corresponding Halloween costumes that year. They were misleading advertised as ersatz action figures in a Heroes World ad, so I really wanted to track them down as an adult. Dr Strange never […]

Jiggling Monsters terrorize my wallet

New to the AHI Monster Gallery is this awesome display box of Super Monster Jigglers. I’m not very observant because someone smarter than me had to point out that there are two sizes of Monster Jigglers, the larger ones that came in this box that have tags and the slightly shorter ones that came on […]

The 1973 Ben Cooper Catalog gets Groovy

The name “Ben Cooper” and “Halloween” are pretty synonymous to children of the 1970s/ The company produced a staggering amount of items devoted to October 31st and chances are if your parents used “store bought” costumes, they were from Ben Cooper. 1973 like every year is a load of fun, lots of popular licenses (including […]

One Strange Marvel Team Up

  My good pal at Heroes West Coast suprised me last week with some pictures of a truly rare item that I could not afford to own. This display of Marvel Comics “Action Figures” (most of us would call these Jigglers) is both wonderful and well, odd. The assortment on the front kind of proves […]

1980 Ben Cooper Catalog

The Ben Cooper name is synonymous to many of us with Halloween from their well known “Smock and Mask” Halloween outfits that had all the relevent licenses to their rubber masks and jigglers, Ben Cooper had almost a stranglehold on October 31st. Journey back to the 1980 Ben Cooper catalog for a an incredible variety […]