The Halco Wolfman Halloween Costume

Here is another crazy Halloween discovery from my buddy Matt.  I’ll give the reigns to him as he talks about Halco. “Halco Universal Monster Costumes Were produced for a time in the 1960s. Before Ben Cooper dominated through the rest of the 60s and 1970s. What makes the Halco costumes unique is the highly accurate […]

1987 Collegeville Halloween Costume Catalog

1987 Collegeville Halloween Costume Catalog The “Smock and Mask” costumes made famous by companies like Ben Cooper and Collegeville were still going full steam ahead in the 1980s. This was the era of action figures and toys have a full media assault of cartoons, comics and merchandise.  The 1987 Collegeville Halloween Costume catalog reflects this […]

1974 Kusan Halloween Catalog

  Kusan may not be as well known as Ben Cooper or Collegeville for Halloween and they certainly didn’t get the “A” licenses but they sure knew how to create some innovative and highly creative costumes. Not only is their assortment fun but their catalog is just a wonderfully well designed affair, every page just […]