Canadian Superhero Pepsi Cups

Canadian Superhero Pepsi Cups

For the last two decades I’ve been quietly collecting these promotional cups given away by Pepsi in the 1970s in Canada. Similar to the US cup promotions but a much smaller character choice, different design and made in Canada. (update I’ve just been told they were made available at the restaurants in Zeller’s department stores)

My mantra on these was to never buy them online but find them in the wild at the many toy shows, antique malls and flea markets I regularly haunt. I think I’ve put together a complete set and thought it would be fun to showcase them. More after the jump.

Batman and Robin are favourites of mine, mainly because Batman has the same art as the Mego box and they were definitely faves as a kid. Batman was hard to find.
Superman and Wonder Woman were also tough for me to track down. I think this set took me ten years or so to piece together but i doubt i ever paid more than $5 for any of these and it sometimes was the only thing I came home with.

I rarely ever run into either of these two in the wild.

Aquaman and Flash round out a complete set (I think?), they are also the most common ones. My local flea market had like 50 of the Flash in the 1990s for some unknown reason and I’ve seen so many Aquamen in my travels.

I keep looking hoping to find more characters in this series but I’m pretty certain it stopped at these six. Hopefully I’m wrong and there is more to hunt because that’s the fun part.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Anonymous on May 5, 2017

    Looks like all the art is by Infantino.

  • Seventiesfan on May 7, 2017

    I have a Robin cup from 1979 similar to that one, but in a different pose.

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