5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week- King Kong booze, Kenner Duke, Superhero stained glass, biblical toys and rack toy scuba men! Disclaimer: These links are sponsored and I get shiny penny if you click. King Kong Decanter (eBay Affiliate Link) I have this weird love affair with the 1976 King Kong film, mainly because […]

Canadian Superhero Pepsi Cups

For the last two decades I’ve been quietly collecting these promotional cups given away by Pepsi in the 1970s in Canada. Similar to the US cup promotions but a much smaller character choice, different design and made in Canada. (update I’ve just been told they were made available at the restaurants in Zeller’s department stores) […]

The shop window of Mego Dreams…..

I debated whether to put this here or on the Mego Museum but considering it’s a vintage photo of a toy store in Hong Kong (and let’s face it, this site has an obsession with such things). This display of Mego Superhero items and Micronauts is my happy place, I drove my mother crazy looking […]

Robin High Flying Hang Glider

This one is new to me, even when I saw it I assumed it was an 80s or 90s piece and the seller had made a mistake but nope, this is 1978 Robin Rack Toy by Jotastar. The boy wonder can’t get enough toy love as far as I’m concerned.

Vintage Toys I saw this weekend

This past Sunday I set up at Burlington Toy Show, mostly to hang out with friends and eat food that’s not good for me but also to hopefully earn some money for next week’s Mego Meet toy show. It was hard being good but I took photos instead of buying, above is easily the rarest toy […]

Batman with Robin: live and in person!

One of my favourites from my burgeoning collection of such things. Do you think if I write my address and tomorrow’s date on this in magic marker, that they’ll show up and spend the day with me? Send me your mall appearance photos!

Bugs Bunny (and Batman) in Space Poster

My good friend, Jason in San Diego sent in this image for the awesome poster to the sequel to “Bugs Bunny meets the Superheroes” show, “Bugs Bunny in Space”. I think i like it even more, especially since it seems to trying to cash in on Star Wars a little bit. I also wonder if […]

Holy Bed Head Batman!

After doing a bit about the Superman Talking Alarm click it seemed fitting to discuss this one, probably the most memorable of all Janex talking clocks. I seem to remember TV commercials for this although I could be wrong. I wanted one as a kid but the more I go through old catalogues, the more […]

Holy Soapy Vomit Batman!

This week marks the anniversary of Plaid Stallions, so I’m devoting much of it to things that me happy. One of those items would be Crazy Foam, although I’m not exactly sure why.For those not in the know, Crazy Foam is a bath product, which if I’m not mistaken smelled a lot like shaving cream. […]