5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Cryotron Carry Case (eBay Link) — This was a Sears Canada exclusive, and I remember that catalogue fondly as it was the first time I saw the Mego Black Hole Humanoid and Old B.O.B. Despite it kind of looking like a “Space Toilet Seat” I dream of finding one packed with figures like the […]

Pod Stallions 69: The 2019 Retro Awards

It’s time for the annual Retro Awards where we celebrate the best of 2018 and all the things we enjoyed that embody the retro feelings and vibrations that we hold so dear. It was a big year and we had an amazing luxury of choice. So many comic book movies, awesome DVDs and Blurays, heck even print […]

Canadian Superhero Pepsi Cups

For the last two decades I’ve been quietly collecting these promotional cups given away by Pepsi in the 1970s in Canada. Similar to the US cup promotions but a much smaller character choice, different design and made in Canada. (update I’ve just been told they were made available at the restaurants in Zeller’s department stores) […]

Superheroes and Apes in Japan

I was elated to find this ad full of Ourway Studios Superhero and Planet of the Apes merch in a Japanese issue of StarLog. Especially mind warping is those Superhero stamp albums, which I totally had and collected as a kid. I wonder if they still accept orders…… Check out the Our Way Studios catalog […]

World’s Greatest Super School Supplies

I found this ruler on Ebay a few months ago, i collect Superhero school supplies (sorry ladies, I’m spoken for) but the more interesting thing to me was the hi-jacking of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes packaging art. Many of these images were specifically drawn by Mego and didn’t appear on other company products, while […]

Mera shreds it

I remarked last week about how impressed I was that Sea World included Aquaman’s bride  into their show. Here is a great shot of her showing off her water skiing skills, which makes total sense. Speaking of appearances: I’ll be setting up next weekend at Canadian Toycon in Burlington. Special guests include Casper Van Dien […]

Meanwhile….at Sea World

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Mall Appearance submission (l’il help?) so I was happy to find this image of the Justice League of Sea World in my stacks. I never got to see this for myself, so I love getting images like this. I’ll never get over the inclusion of Mera into […]

AHI Superfriends Buggy

After almost three decades of toy collecting, not many vintage toy sightings make me want to wet my pants. This past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of almost losing control several times, first with the Tomland Monsters and then followed up by this, the AHI Superfriends car in glorious detail. My friend Mark from Heroes […]

The Super Steins!

No it’s not the story of a Jewish family given strange powers after an accidental dose of Gamma radiation (well, not until I sell that screenplay) but just a series of cool super hero merch from the mid seventies boom: Ah the man of steel, I need this for better beer consumption. Classic Adams Batman, […]

Aquaman and his queen visit the surface world

Another wonderful contribution from Matt S, this time it’s the King of the Sea himself Aquaman and his super sexy and under utilized wife Mera performing appropriate water ski stunts for the crowd at Sea World. When you think about it, this really should have been his show…. And if you have anything to add, […]