1987 Remco Toys Catalog- Karate Kid- AWA Wrestling-

1987 Remco Toys Catalog- Karate Kid- AWA Wrestling-

1987 Remco Toys Catalog-

By the mid-1980s, Remco had abandoned the name AHI (Azrak-Hamway International) and the business of selling Rack Toys. Their output during this period consisted of licensed items such as the Karate Kid or AWA Wrestling or homegrown toy lines meant to ape the popularity of bigger brands. During the 80s, Remco copied lines such as GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, My Little Pony, and Transformers.

1987 is a fun, colorful year for Remco. Please check out our other Remco Posts Here.


1987 Remco Toys Catalog
1987 Remco Toys Catalog Cover

1987 Remco Toys Catalog Karate Kid
1987 Remco Toys Catalog Karate Kid- The Karate Kid license was Remco’s big push for 1987 and it was a big hit. We’re working on a piece for Toy-Ventures magazine about the genesis of this line right now.


1987 Remco Toys Catalog Karate Kid Play Sets
1987 Remco Toys Catalog Karate Kid Play Sets

Karate Kid Play Sets

1987 Remco Toys Catalog Karate Kid Play Sets
Karate Kid Play Sets

1987 Remco Toys Catalog U.S. Forces
U.S. Forces were one of many G.I. Joe RAH knock-off lines that Remco put out during the 1980s, the toys were often found at K-Mart stores and usually priced much lower than the name brand. They are now highly collectible.

U.S. Forces

U.S. Forces multi figure packs were one of the greater appeals to the line.


1987 Remco Toys Catalog Ninja Figure

Remco really capitalized on the Ninja craze of the 1980s, with a line of both 5.5″ Ninjas (but hey that one guy is just Rambo, nice try) and a line of 3 3/4″ RAH O Ring style figures. I wonder what “Actionized” means?

1987 Remco Toys Catalog AWA Wrestling
AWA Wrestling was Remco’s way of capitalizing on the WWF craze of the 1980s by licensing one of their competitors, some of these characters would later join the WWF like the Freebirds, Shawn Michaels and the Road Warriors. This toy line is highly collectible now.

1987 Remco Toys Catalog Minis
Mini figures of wrestlers and ninjas, no license required that’s a lot of fun for a buck.

1987 Remco Toys Catalog Real Ghostbusters
Oh sure, the Real Ghostbusters action figure license was taken by Kenner but hey, nobody’s going after that sweet, sweet phone money. I really hope that Remco’s sales pitch for this was “How you gonna call?”.



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