1971 Mattel Sea Devils Catalog

1971 Mattel Sea Devils Catalog

In the 1960s, Mattel had a great deal of success with their “Major Matt Mason” line of toys, but when Neal Armstrong stepped on the moon and discovered nothing, interest in space race toys crashed and burned.

Mattel logically thought to spin the concept off to a more earth-bound concept and created “The Sea Devils” underwater explorers featuring the same bendable body style as Matt had. Leading the expedition was now Commander Chuck Carter and his sidekick Rock Riley as they explored the ocean’s depths.

Sea Devils are something I’ve wanted to feature on PS, mostly because I find it an awesome line of toys, and two, for some reason it just fell flat and rarely gets talked about.

New for 1971 were Kretor and Zark, the “aliens” of the line.

I love that Mattel didn’t left the decision if Kretor was a villain or an ally to the kids.

Leader of the Sea Devils, Commander Chuck Carter wore a cool red diving suit

The Rick Riley figure would resurface (tee hee) as part of the Mego World War 2 series of figures, you can see him at the Mego Museum.

Search and Rescue set, as I mentioned earlier, all of this stuff is hard to find now. Mattel did really small numbers it seems.


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  • Tut on April 20, 2021

    I didn’t know the guys had names. So I still have Chuck Carter, but for some reason Rick Riley is long gone. Kretor is still around too, and I believe Zark is too.

  • Mik Drago on April 16, 2022

    Hi Brian,
    Unfortunately, I have to improve you a bit, which I also thought of a while ago. Rick Riley is not the U.S. Frogman from the Mego Lion Rock Soldiers series. The figures are different sizes (15 cm Mattel and 18 cm Lion Rock) and they also have different faces and also different diving suits.
    Best regards” Mik

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