Toys I love: Fisher Price Adventure People

Toys I love: Fisher Price Adventure People

fisher price adventure people rock my world

I took my kids to see my parents yesterday, my son made a beeline towards the toy box, a strange mixture of my old toys and some from my nephew.

One of the toys my son started playing with was the sea explorer from this set, still 100% intact despite having three different owners and being thirty years old.

I must have had a thousand hours of play from this line and most of it was likely non violent adventure, the whole thing kind of eroded when my mom bought me the TV Action Team , by that time I was busy with Superheroes.

One of these days I’ll go after FP Adventure People hard core but for now I’ll just keep my originals. After all, I wouldn’t want to deplete my Mego money.

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  • Billy Cole on February 2, 2008

    And the Adventure continues…
    Growing up I was pretty rough on my toys. Tonka trucks didn’t last very long and heaven forbid a pocket radio that might have a magnet within it. But I had several of the adventure people sets. After over 20 some odd years, my mom was moving and my family found quite a few of my adventure people pieces. They boxed them up and sent them to me. Well, now they are daddy’s toys and only good kids (my son and two daughters) get to play with them.
    I’ve added quite a few replacement parts by finding them on eBay and the kids get a kick out of them even without flashy lights and battery operated sounds. Pretty sad that I even have one of the adventure people catalogs from 1976 that I marked the sets that I wanted and the ones I had.

  • A.J. on February 4, 2008

    I love my iggy and sandy, sandy was useless but iggy could make a fort in an hour no problem if you had snow! And My Super Slider Snow Skis Rocked! Thanks for the memories!!!!!

  • Kristine on October 26, 2008

    There are no words to express how much fun it is going through this site. I had to break down and comment on this post, as I had selection ‘N’ from this page! Of course, it was so long ago that I never clued in that all those toys came from the same set. I’m sure my 4yr old son has played with some of them (my parents never threw away any toys–we even still have that Fisher Price Sesame Street apartment…)
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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