Hasbro Revives the Weebles for 2024

More Weebles Posts on PlaidStallions BELOIT, Wis., March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PlayMonster Group LLC., a leading international toy and game company, and Hasbro Inc., a global branded entertainment leader, have announced that PlayMonster will bring the entire Playskool brand to the company’s dynamic roster in 2024 as part of an overall global growth strategy […]


Weebles were completely forbidden in my household as we had pledged loyalty to the Fisher Price Little People. I ain’t complainin’ but come one, a Sub and a haunted house? Aggghhhhh! Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Winnie the Weeble

While working on the Little People list, I came across this piece and really had no idea it existed. I never had weebles as a kid but as a Winnie the Pooh fan, this would have been welcome.

Cirque du Weeble

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, my parents denied me the Weeble experience, as we were a devout Fisher Price Little People family. Life was good, so I’m not complaining but the grass always looked pretty green in Weeble-ville.

Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 12

It’s time once again to be whisked back to a simplier time, one that was dominated by “Mom and Pop” toy chains and the wonderful, almost chaotic way toys were distributed. Plaidstallions Vintage Toy Store Photos volume twelve is different from previous entries in that it features images from a photo album of a former Mattel employee, who […]

1977 Hasbro Weebles Catalog

Time for another trip to Weeble Town! 1977 saw Hasbro aim for action and adventure with the addition of Tarzan (?) and their own portly crusader Super Weeble! It seems fitting to do Weebles around Christmas time as they’re really kind of the thing a lot of folks got under the tree. Not me though, my […]


Another fun look at Hasbro’s fun offering into the pre school market, their tough to dislike Weebles line. Hasbro didn’t seem to run out of fun environments for these little legless, armless but happy blobs of plastic and 1979 saw all sorts of wonder from treehouses to submarines to the undead driving around in Vans, […]

The Undead Wobble but Refuse to Fall Down

One of the reasons I think Weebles remained popular for so long was their choice of subject matter. I mean, Weebles had horror and Superheroes, things Fisher Price never touched and pretty much all I think about during the day, save for sandwiches and well, you know…


Popped up some scans from the Weebles section of the 1975 Hasbro Catalog this evening. Although I never had them (my parents were firmly in the Fisher Price camp), I sincerely envied those who did. Check it out here in the 1975 Weebles Catalog