Popy World Hero Figure Archive

The World Hero series was released in Japan in 1980, toy maker Popy had been distributing the 3 3/4″ Kenner Star Wars figure in cool display boxes as opposed to the cards the rest of the world received. Image Borrowed from Rebel Scum, they have a great article on Japanese Star Wars toys here. With […]

Podstallions 19: Japanese toys

Episode 19 sees Jason and Brian explain their deep affection for toys from the land of the rising sun. Even though we both grew up in North America, our childhoods were made happier by the imports that did manage to hop across the Pacific leaving us with a thirst for more. Japanese Toys tries to […]

Esquadron Ultra

This piece may be my favourite bit of Ultra-man merchandise ever, this particular rack toy doesn’t come from Japan but Peru, where I guess Ultra Seven got played at one point. What’s amazing about this item is a) I’m not even sure it’s licensed, b) I’m surprised something this fragile survived and c) it’s so darn […]

Those Other World’s Greatest Superheroes

   There was a time in my younger days where I was absolutely obsessed with these guys. Made by Japanese toy maker Popy, these 8″ figures were meant to fit in with Mego Superheroes (which Popy also supplied in Japan). That 8″ Mark from “Battle of the Planets” is the toy we deserved as kids. […]

Ultraman hits the mall

Yet another Japanese Mall Appearance photo, this time it’s Ultraman Joe (the animated version) visiting a toy store. This was done in conjunction with Popy toys, to no doubt promote their awesome line of toys including these Mego-esque figures. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Ultra Seven crashes into a toy store

Oh my goodness, where to begin? One, this is not only a mall appearance of one of my favourite characters but it’s in a 70s toy store setting.  On top of that it’s in a 70s JAPANESE toy store. Adding to this frenzy is one of my holy grails just sitting on a shelf, the […]

Japanese Punch

In North America, we get clowns and Fred Flinstone. In Japan, they get kick ass TV Superheroes like Ultra-Man and Mirror Man. Advantage Japan….

Toys that fight back

Leave it to the Japanese to improve upon a standard north American toy, the bop bag. Unlike our defenseless versions which teach children nothing, Japanese children threw punches with the knowledge that Ultra-Man might give them five across the eyes for doing so. Well done land of the rising sun!

Ultra-Men and Monster Maker

Leave it to the Japanese to make a fun toy more “funner” (it’s a word), here we see what I can only imagine is the original version of we here in North America know as “The Mighty Men and Monster Maker” easily one of the coolest toys from my youth. In Japan however, their version […]

Costume of the Week: Ultra-Man

As much as I’d like to say I own this killer Collegeville Ultraman suit, I don’t. Fortunately for me, Corey volunteered some shots of his collection to the blog including the two variations of this classic suit, more after the jump. Above is the first version suit and smock, I don’t know why they chose […]