Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Trek Part 2

Toy-Ventures: Epic Toy Trek Part 2     Ayyyyyyyy, we wrap up our Toy Trek with an impossible mission, two flea markets, three antique malls, 250 miles in one day. Check out what we saw and what we got! I promise it’s neat! Places Visited: Joi De Vintage Pinery Market Aberfoyle Antique Market […]

New PS Trading Cards!

It’s been a long while since i printed up some new PS trading cards, mostly because of spending my time with Rack Toys (still available!) but this month I resolved to make some new entries.  The first is card #40, the Whip from the Big Jim’s Wolfpack line of toys. I had been doing the […]

Trading Card # 39: Martian Chronicles

Card 39 is one of my favourite rack toys of all time, the Martian Chronicles toy line by Larami. Larami wasn’t exactly known for action figures, actually I’m not sure if they ever made one before or after this line. This is also  the first time I’ve not used an original catalog image for a PS card, I […]

Trading Card #38: Venus Space Probe

Plaid Stallions Trading Card #38 is dedicated to the Venus Space Probe toy by Kenner. As indicated by this piece last week, I have something of a history with this particular episode of the series and combine that with the fact that this toy makes me weak in knees when I see it and you […]

Monster Contest Winners Announced

Last week, if you recall I held a contest for my newly printed Monster trading cards, folks just had to answer this question Who is your favourite Monster? Well I got so many great replies (although I’m sorry, the correct answer was Frankenstein 😉) and I’m happy to announce that everybody who entered gets a […]

Godzilla Battles The Tricephalon Monster

A wonderful update as our Halloween Countdown progresses a look at the HG Toys classic Godzilla playset which includes a story of kindness and a tale of nerd vindication, all that and a new Plaidstallions Trading card, after the jump. Readers of this blog might recall that I have had a near life long ambition to […]

Trading Cards Part 2

Card #34- Raydeen Shogun Warriors were pretty epic toys and I hope to celebrate each one individually, unlike other things I’ve featured this weekend, I do have a Raydeen. He’s beat to hell but I love him anyway. Mattel Shogun Warriors Catalog Card #35- Ideal Jaws Game Honestly I had like ten minutes to decide […]

More Trading Cards Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about this but I printed some designs in the summer and have been happily sending them out with DVD orders and ebay auctions, figured this weekend would be a good time to showcase them. Card #32- Stretch Armstrong This was long overdue, seeing as he’s an iconic toy […]

Trading Card #31: Slade

Card #31 is one of my bigger regrets in toy collecting, I used to actually own a Shindana Slade doll and loved it but in the massive purge I did in preparation for my first child, he was cut from the team. It was one of those panicked things first time fathers do I guess.During […]

Trading Card # 30: Kenner Alien

This card comes with a little bit of a story, I got lobbied to do it by someone over at the Megomuseum forums (thanks James). He even went out of way by mocking up what he thought the card should look like. This is important because and this might come as a shock but I’m […]