1976 Clipper Toy Catalog from Holland

Sure things in Holland are a little different than here, their liquorice is salty and let’s just say their definition of “dutch oven” differs from mine. However, Christmases were pretty darn similiar to ours thanks to toy companies like Clipper who distributed some of the best selling toys and games the world has to offer. […]

Pod Stallions Episode 3: Growing Up Star Wars (volume 1)

We decided to put the show up a little early for the seventh anniversary of the site. Jason and Brain talk about their memories of the first time they saw Star Wars anything. The toys, the comics, the magazines, the school yard rumors, the knock offs, it’s all there. We even get waaaay off tangent and […]

Bert and Ernie Keep Me Warm!

Could this possibly be the grooviest piece of Sesame St merchandise ever? If I owned these, they’d be the only things I’d wear and I mean only.Revamped the Plaidstallions website yesterday, drop by and let me know your thoughts.