Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins

Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins

Turning the reins over to my buddy Matt today, who provided not only the photos but the prose as well. Take it away Matt!

These are the wonderful, magnificent, Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins.

Mold-A-Rama first appeared in the mid-60s, and was a staple of the Museum and Zoo experience for lucky kids in the 60s, 70s , and 80s. 

For around $1, you could watch a vending machine make a version of your favorite museum or zoo souvenir using an injection mold.

The piece would come out of the machine scalding hot, and have a wonderful plasticky smell. It would feel like candle wax. At zoos you would frequently get Gorillas, Elephants etc. 

At Museums, you could Space Shuttles, Presidential busts, The Space Needle etc. 

This Frankenstein is one of the best and most sought-after Mold-A-Rama creations. 

He was made from the 60s through the 70s. His copyright on the back sometimes says "Universal Pictures, Co" and other times says "Universal Studios", depending on when it was released. 

Any Mold-A-Rama and monster lover must have every color available!

Notice that the figure resembles the Rapco bisque monsters available in the 70s

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  • Dallas McDonald on October 20, 2015

    In 1974 my fourth grade class went to a Sea World-type amusement park outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I remember that the park was in bad shape with broken concrete and peeling paint, it was the type of place that the Scooby Doo gang could solve a mystery. Us students had a great time with the build a mold machine that made a leaping dolphin,

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