5 Awesome Sci-Fi Things on eBay this week

Black Hole Pencil Holders (eBay Link)  I don’t think it’s a secret I’m obsessed with these. A Canadian Cereal premium that celebrated the Black Hole’s True stars. I have complete sets but always buy them when I find them. Check out my video about these here.    Space:1999 Commander Koenig (eBay Link)  These 70s figural […]

Another Vintage Star Trek Towel

A continuation from my “Star Trek Towel Day” post a couple of years back, here is another from Corey’s collection, a stunning illustration of Kirk and Spock here. Apparently, there is more to be discovered as well, can’t wait.

Today is all about Star Trek Towels!

So this morning I had a wonderful email containing photos of my pal Corey’s amazing collection of vintage Star Trek towels. I’ll be honest, I rarely thought of towels as a collectible (ok, I own like three) but now these are all I can think about. The rest of this breathtaking collection can be found after […]