Mini Monsters Mystery Solved

For years, these PVC figures I dubbed “The Mini Monsters” by Tomland, had been the source of intrigue to collectors. They’d ask questions like What does the packaging look like? How many in the series? These would all be answered in one fell swoop when a salesman sample appeared on ebay, I was not the lucky […]

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Archive Launches

It may seem odd to launch a Monster themed page in December but it’s Halloween all year round at my place and it’s rare these days that I get this excited, so it simply couldn’t wait. Tomland is probably best known for the Star Raiders, an 8″ Mego like line of action figures clearly meant […]

Tomland Star Raiders Archive Launches

Tomland (a UK Company who was in the Marx family of companies) marketed these fun and strange 8 inch mego-like action figures under a variety of names but the best known is “Star Raiders” which were obviously meant to cash in on the renewed interest in Sci Fi thanks entirely to “Star Wars” coming on […]

International Bionic People

From the UK I bring you James Austin and Stevie Sommers, the “Don’t Sue Us” Bionic couple. These unlicensed wonders were created by Tomland, a company that seemed to get it’s kicks from knocking off Star Wars and other films. Their Star Raiders and Famous Monsters line are a both a child’s and a lawyer’s dream. […]

1979 Tomland Toys Catalog

  Tomland Toys are kind of a mystery to many toy collectors, a member of the Marx family of companies, they were known for producing cheap but fun toys that sometimes kind of skirted copyright laws. They are perhaps most famous for their 1978 line of action figures called “Star Raiders” and it’s follow up […]

The Tomland Mini Monsters

Happy to showcase these weird little figures, produced in 1979 by a UK company called Tomland (under the umbrella of Marx) these stylin’ mini monsters were based on my beloved Lincoln International Monsters. I don’t know why and I honestly don’t care, I’m just pleased that they were. Tomland made their own 8″ versions of […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Monster Gallery

Sean from sent me an awesome surprise this month, a colouring book I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing for years. The Monster Gallery Colouring Book is an early seventies masterpiece illustrated by Mark Savee (with text by Leah Waskey) and each page is a stunning tribute to a famous monster of either screen […]

More Lincoln Monsters

I’m real jazzed to have some additions to the Lincoln Monsters section of the site, mostly because I never thought I would get more stuff from this tough to collect 8″ line. Above is the Frankensten box, that’s right, Frankensten, it seems Lincoln took their proofing as seriously as I do.The Mummy box also has […]